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Teak H

Santa Ana, CA

Favorite Part of Swim Instructing: I love seeing the progress children make in learning how to swim. From the first day they jump in the pool to our very last session, I love witnessing the all of the improvements the children make in their stroke technique and the confidence the children build throughout the process. It's a very proud moment for me to be able to say "I helped that child go from being unable to swim to becoming a confident swimmer."

Experience with Kids: I was a private tutor in mathematics for students from elementary school up to high school. I was also a swim assistant for my water polo/ swim coach for 2 years. I helped freshman students learn how to swim for the very first time. I have also babysat children as young as 3 months old a number of times in the past. 


Experience with Swimming: I've been swimming since I was in the 6th grade and competitively since 9th grade. As I mentioned before, I have taught other students how to swim from being my water polo/ swim coach's swim assistant for 2 years. My coach also often delegated me to instruct other students on how to improve their stroke or eggbeater during swim or water polo practice. 

Why Choose Us?


You will not be charged for lessons until after your 1st lesson! It is very important to us your instructor is a perfect fit. 


We travel to your backyard or community pool. Is has been proven to be the best place to learn. 


We value providing quality, professional swim lessons at a very affordable rate. 

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6 Hours of Lessons

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  • All stops in 30 minute increments. Minimum stop is 30 min.

  • Client and instructor design the time ie: group/private, length of each lesson, etc. 


At no risk. We will refund registration if we do not find you the perfect instructor

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You don't pay until AFTER your 1st lesson. If not a perfect fit we can find another instructor or you go your own way

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Enjoy while our professional instructor does what they love... teach swim lessons. 

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