Professional Swim Lessons in your pool

Meet Coach

Destiny H

Arlington, TX

Favorite Part of Swim Instructor: I love bonding with the kids and building that relationship with the family. That is very important through out the whole process.


Experience with Kids: I worked at the Boys and Girls Club and was accepted into a Teen 2 program to look over special needs kids and bond with them. 


Experience with Swimming: I love being in the water. Growing up as a child i would go to the pool whenever my mother was at the YMCA and just swim because it became one of my hobbies

Why Choose Us?


You will not be charged for lessons until after your 1st lesson! It is very important to us your instructor is a perfect fit. 


We travel to your backyard or community pool. Is has been proven to be the best place to learn. 


We value providing quality, professional swim lessons at a very affordable rate. 

Our Prices

Best in town

Regular Rates


6 Hours of Lessons

Rate with Referrals


6 Hours of Lessons

This rate is for clients who refer 5 friends.

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  • All stops in 30 minute increments. Minimum stop is 30 min.

  • Client and instructor design the time ie: group/private, length of each lesson, etc. 


At no risk. We will refund registration if we do not find you the perfect instructor

Try 1st Lesson

You don't pay until AFTER your 1st lesson. If not a perfect fit we can find another instructor or you go your own way

Enjoy Lessons

Enjoy while our professional instructor does what they love... teach swim lessons. 

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